Why The Lens is focusing on Human Intentionality and Trusted Partnerships

22 August 2023 by Cambia Staff in News

Why The Lens is focusing on Human Intentionality and Trusted Partnerships

How to intervene in time to save our supportive ecosystem? With so much attention on AI, we must not lose focus on improving our human capabilities. We must be informed by evidence, but inspired by imagination.

We must become better at being human, and make our institutions more humane, collaborative and effective. The Lens strives to enable this.

We do so by respecting the professionalism, commitment and hard-won skills of those who build, explore, create, enable, share. We don't just try to give you tools to do your job faster and cheaper. We want you to do it better, for both you and society.

We want you to forge new partnerships, find new opportunities, reduce avoidable risks and chart your trajectories. Map the PORTs. We must improve the cooperation between diverse institutions and coordination of different capabilities. We must move past silos and guilds to craft solutions to the crises of our own making.

Don't waste your in-house expertise. Value it, harness it, cherish it.

Lens can help you explore whether and how AI can contribute meaningfully to solving important problems. Lens.org licenses to all institutions and enterprises globally, two important capabilities:

  1. Our bulk data and APIs to help train and explore uses of internal, and validity of external AI using patents and scholarly works, their rich metadata and their weighted values through comprehensive citation graphs.
  2. Our Institutional and Enterprise Toolkits to give your professional staff - with their invaluable hard-won insights and knowledge -a human-focused rich and integrated experience to ground truth the assertions made or offered by AI.