Using the Lens database for staff publications

05 May 2020 by Aaron Ballagh in News

Using the Lens database for staff publications

In a rapidly changing landscape, many health sciences libraries are looking to increase the support they provide for research in their organization. The Lens database is a free platform for enabling discovery of both scholarly and patent literature.

Penfold, R. (2020) Using the Lens database for staff publications, Journal of The Medical Library Association, Issue: 2, Volume: 108, Page: 341-344 (Lens ID: 067-003-204-553-366, DOI: 10.5195/jmla.2020.918).

In this recent publication, Rob Penfold - Director Library & Literacy, Barwon Health, provides an overview on how to use the Lens to manage staff publications specifically for health science librarians.

In the publication, Rob outlines use cases for health science librarians and provides a step-by-step guide for creating collections of staff publications in the Lens and how librarians can highlight this research output.

Browse the 2019 Barwon Health research output collection or read the full text, freely available at PubMed Central and the Journal of the Medical Library Association.