Transitioning From Meta to Lens

22 February 2022 by Cambia Staff in News

Transitioning From Meta to Lens

Welcome to The Lens!  

The Lens is highly mission aligned to Meta’s commitment to using knowledge to find solutions to the problems that humanity faces collectively.  The Lens Collective Action Project reflects this ethos and has been our focus at The Lens over the last 12 months.  

We invite you to orient yourself around the platform, including our discovery and analytics tools (for patents and scholarly works) as well as our professional work area to re-using and sharing your analyses.  Our support resources include explanations about the functionality as well as underlying content.  Be sure to register and login to benefit from the Work Area that allows you easily to re-use and share your searches and analyses.  Note that registration asks users to clarify if their use is commercial and non-commercial.  Our terms of use require that commercial users take a commercial use subscription, you can see pricing here.

With an understanding of the platform, you will be prepared to migrate your Libraries and Feeds. 

Getting Started:


Recreating your libraries with Collections

Collections are a saved grouping of patents or scholarly works. Any items in a search result can be manually added or removed from a collection.


Keep Collections (Libraries) automatically up-to-date

Dynamic Collections are collections that are linked to one or more Saved Queries and updated whenever new scholarly works/patents match...

Saved Queries

Setting up saved queries and email notifications (Feeds)

Saved queries are a way to save your search results on The Lens by providing names and descriptions for the search.


Sync with your work with your ORCID record

Lens Profiles are auto-generated author and inventor profiles that are based on the public ORCID record, and compiled from publicly...


Create custom analytics and dashboards

The results of a patent or scholarly works search can be quickly visualized graphically. The Dashboard allows you to analyse your search...


Annotating your collections and saved queries

The Lens provides the feature to annotate all your findings with Notes. With this feature users are able to add and view context-specific notes...