Release 8.7

05 December 2022 by Aaron Ballagh in Release Notes

Release 8.7
Updated language options, new legal status filters, field updates, increased ROR coverage and more!

New Features and Improvements

New Language Options

Continuing with the updates to our localisation with this release we are pleased to announce the addition of translated message properties for two more languages, Bahasa Indonesia and Hindi (हिन्दी).

Much of this localisation has been done using machine translation with a check from a native speaker. We would like to acknowledge the support from the following people that have helped check the localisation:

  • Putu Sukma Kurniawan (Bahasa Indonesia), Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, Bali.
  • Professor Óscar Javier Solorio Pérez (Spanish) Director of Outreach, Universidad de Colima, Mexico.
  • Osmat Jefferson (Arabic), The Lens.
  • Annie Connell (Chinese), The Lens.

However, not all elements of the UI have been checked for each language. If you see a term that is not translated correctly or should be improved, please let us know by contacting Support. Please note, the updated localisation does not include PatSeq, PatCite, In4M or individual reports.

New Fields

This release also sees a number of new fields added for both Patents and Scholarly Works. In addition, our institution ROR ID matching against author affiliations has been improved for more than 500 institutions, adding additional ROR Identifiers to 8.2M records, and increasing the coverage of Scholarly Works with ROR identifiers by 4.1M records to 66.9M records.

  • Added Has Grant Event flag filter and field (legal_status.has_grant_event) for patent searches. This filter is used to indicate if the patent application/simple family has one or more Grant events in INPADOC.
  • Added Has National Phase flag filter and field (legal_status.has_entry_into_national_phase) for patent searches. This filter is used for WO patent applications and indicates if the patent application/simple family has entered the National Phase in INPADOC.
  • Added Institution Name Exact ( field to the Scholarly Works field list in the user interface. This provides the institution associated with the author affiliations and is used for exact matches on the full institution name, e.g. "Stony Brook University". Please note, this field will replace the field, which will be deprecated.
  • Added Institution ROR ID Lineage (author.affiliation.ror_id_lineage) field to Scholarly Works. This field provides the institution's ROR identifier lineage for all matched institutions on a Scholarly Work, and includes all parent ROR identifiers for the institution, e.g. "00pjdza24, 03yrm5c26"

Other Improvements and Changes

The Lens is a work in progress and with each release, The Lens team improves on certain features or perfects the quality of the data and the service to provide you with the most comprehensive data we can source. While often these changes stem from users' feedback, they also originate from improved data processing and improvements in the source data. In this release, here is the list of other improvements and changes that were implemented:

  • Updated homepage, added Institutional Toolkit section and added subscribing institutions to the collaborators logo carousel.
  • Updated description of Individual commercial use to include sole practitioners or professional users in SME businesses.
  • Added a link to the Support Centre on the About home page header menu.
  • Updated the subscribing and supporting Institutions, added Middle East College and Queensland University of Technology.
  • Increased the truncation limit for long author affiliations on individual scholarly works.
  • Scholarly works fields which are case sensitive are now denoted in the field list.
  • Added captioning and caption translations to the videos on the Support Centre & Knowledge Base.
  • Removed donation links.


  • Reinstated Merge and Intersect set actions in the work area for saved queries.
  • Locale based menu position fixes.
  • The fields on the Field List tab of the Search Tips modal are now only displayed in the context of a patent or scholarly works search.
  • Fixed back button on In4M Dossiers.

API & Data Improvements:

  • Added API support for Regex queries using the parameter "regex": true.
  • Added authors.affiliations.name_original field to the Scholarly Works API response by default.
  • Added legal_status.has_grant_event and legal_status.has_entry_into_national_phase boolean fields to the Patent API request fields.
  • Added institution ROR ID matching (overrides) against author affiliations for 500 institutions, adding additional ROR Identifiers to 8.2M records, and increasing the coverage of scholarly works records with ROR identifiers by 4.1M records to 66.9M records.
  • Deprecated the authors.affiliations.grid_id field in the API response, please use the authors.affiliations.ids field instead.

N.B. For guidance navigating the API, please check the API Documentation, and to report bugs/issues, usability related questions, or to request features, please use our GitHub issue tracker.

Interested in supporting the sustainability of The Lens?

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  • If you need to use for commercial uses, please comply with Lens Terms of Use by either subscribing to an Enterprise Toolkit, or if you are a sole practitioner or SME, an individual commercial use license. See account and pricing options.
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Interested in helping us improve?

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The Lens is a public good project run by Cambia, a global social enterprise that is committed to making the innovation process more transparent, inclusive and effective for those seeking to solve problems and make a social impact and thus, we welcome your active engagement, participation, and support.

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