Release 7.4

04 May 2021 by Aaron Ballagh in Release Notes

Release 7.4
Announcing: Lens Patents 2.0 Preview! We are pleased to announce the new Lens Patents 2.0 architecture is now available in a Preview environment!

We are pleased to announce the new Lens Patents 2.0 architecture is now available in a Preview environment!

Lens Patents 2.0 Preview

Following the release of the patent API in December, integration of the new Lens Patent MetaRecord (PMR) architecture into the user interface (UI) has been progressing and we are pleased to announce this is now available to all users to explore the new fields and functionality in a preview environment before it enters full production in release 8.0.

The new architecture has been designed and constructed from the ground up to implement the Lens MetaRecord concept and accommodate additional patent data sources and valuable patent metadata. Moreover, our legacy custom Lucene search index has been replaced with an Elasticsearch index and MongoDB stack, bringing the technology inline with the scholarly MetaRecord architecture and enabling a range of new functionality previously unavailable in patents, including upgraded powerful patent analytics.

We invite all users to try the new Lens Patents 2.0 in the Preview environment, especially those who use Lens for patent information. Take a sneak peak at the new patent metadata and functionality, with three times as many fields (120+) and powerful analytics. It's your chance to try it and send feedback before it goes into full production in release 8.0. You can read all about the Lens Patent 2.0 changes in the 8.0 Beta release notes and please send us your feedback and help make the Lens better for all!

Important Notice: While you are using the new Lens Patents 2.0 in the preview environment (Release 8.0 Beta version), your saved work area items will NOT be migrated across to the production version of Lens after testing finishes.

Lens Patents 2.0  New

Take a sneak peak at the new Lens Patents 2.0 , with three times as many fields (120+) and powerful analytics. Your chance to test and send feedback before it enters full production in release 8.0. Read the release notes

Other Improvements/Changes:

The Lens is a work in progress and with each release, the Lens team improves on certain features or perfects a bit more the quality of the data and the service that we provide you. While often these changes stem from users' feedback, they also originate from improved data processing and improvements in the source data. In this release, here is the list of changes that were implemented:

  • Redesigned Lens Labs site wherein you can now download datasets and start an open collaboration with the Lens if you are interested in disambiguation projects for public interest
  • Updated the CPC and IPC classification schemas in the classification explorer to the latest versions - 2021.02 and 2021.01 respectively
  • Updated Lens for Institutions request form
  • Added a notice about the Preview environment
  • Updated the Lens Press Kits. So, if you are looking for the Lens logo to add to your website or you would like a brochure on Lens products, you will be able to find it on this page.


  • Fix chart libraries on In4M institution profiles

API & Data Improvements:

  • Updated CORE data to the latest bulk data, increasing the coverage of CORE identifiers to 14M records and indexed full text to 3.55M records.
  • Added R - Cursor Based Pagination code example to the Scholarly API documentation.
  • Updated the WIPO sequence listings backfile, which added more than 9000 new sequence listings with around 5 million additional sequences.
  • Fix SEQ ID NO detection in some US published grants within 2018-recent.

If you would like to help us continue improving the API to provide the services you want, please participate in these brief surveys:

N.B. For guidance on navigating the Scholarly API, please check the online documentation, and to report bugs/issues, usability related questions, or to request features, please use our GitHub issue tracker. For general questions, please visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at with your queries/comments.

Patch Notes:

Patent API:

  • Added request fields:
    • earliest_priority_claim_date
    • sequence.organism.tax_id
  • Added response fields:
    • biblio.references_cited.citations.cited_phase
    • biblio.references_cited.patent_count
  • Updated patent schema version to 1.2.5

Scholarly API:

  • Added response fields:
    • date_published_parts
    • source.issn.type

Interested in helping us improve?

  • Share your use case with us and explore how Lens can help you.
  • Contact your librarians and let them know about Lens Institutional Toolkits
  • Keep sending us your feedback on The Lens features and functionality.
  • If you have published using Lens tools/data, please share your work with us so we can promote it on the Lens labs page.
  • Get involved in Lens Labs and take action to improve a public resource.
  • Register your interest in a public webinar on the Lens ReportsBETA and help us build the report builder facility

The Lens is a public good project run by Cambia, a global social enterprise that is committed to making the innovation process more transparent, inclusive and effective for those seeking to solve problems and make a social impact and thus, we welcome your active engagement, participation, and support.