Release 7.1

26 October 2020 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 7.1
Introducing ORCID Plus Profiles (Beta) and tools to find, claim and sync your work with your ORCID record!

Introducing ORCID Plus ProfilesBeta

The Lens was the first public platform to allow users to claim inventorship of patents and sync them to their ORCID record. In Release 7.0, this functionality was extended to scholarly works allowing authors to record authorship of their scholarly works and sync them with their ORCID record as well.

Building on this ORCID functionality, we are pleased to introduce ORCID Plus ProfilesBeta; auto-generated author and inventor profiles based on the public ORCID record. Compiled from publicly available data sources using the ORCID iD as the linking identifier, ORCID Plus Profiles provide additional features and functionality that leverage the ORCID integration to enrich the user experience on the platform.

The Lens has long been a supporter of ORCID and has worked with the organization for years. To support ORCID and the research community, we have developed a suite of ORCID-related features and functionality to help users enrich their ORCID records. ORCID records are not officially profiles, but authenticated, persistent user-controlled records of metadata that are associated with a person. This metadata is extremely useful to construct a rich, navigable and shareable profile that is much more than the metadata alone.

Our goal in integrating the public ORCID data into what we call an ORCID Plus Profile is to provide a facility that not only makes updating your ORCID record an easy and simple task, but also allows you to create a powerful and shareable 'Curriculum Vitae' that has embedded open, and evidence-driven, metrics that are not currently part of an ORCID record.

As public institutions, funders and publishers increasingly mandate the use of the ORCID iD, The Lens has sought to build on the ORCID infrastructure to support the research and innovation community by making the user journey of creating, populating and updating an ORCID record as simple as possible. In Release 6.8, we began integrating and linking all public ORCID works with Lens scholarly works. So far, we’ve linked over 20M scholarly works with their associated ORCID records. Using the ORCID iD as the link, we combine the Lens data with information on the public ORCID record to create auto-generated profiles for authors and inventors.

The profile page includes a list of Lens scholarly works and patents for the individual author/inventor, along with summary stats from The Lens, publicly available biographic information from ORCID record (e.g. personal biography, employment, education, links, aliases, etc.) and any online mentions of the author’s/inventor’s works from ImpactStory (e.g. blog posts, Wikipedia pages, Tweets, etc.).

ORCID Plus Profiles - Features and Functionality

Search for author and inventor profiles.

Currently in Beta, ORCID Plus Profiles can be used to update your ORCID record with additional scholarly works or patents from the Lens in just a few steps. We invite you to use the profile features and functionality to find, claim and expose your scholarly works and/or inventions in the Lens and sync them with your ORCID Record.

Below is a summary of the features and functionally profiles currently provide. For more information and details please see the ORCID Plus Profiles support page, or send us feedback on how we can make it even easier for you or your institution to update and manage your ORCID iD. We want your experience to be enjoyable, productive and useful!

  • Profile discovery: Search by name or ORCID iD to find your auto-generated ORCID Plus Profile or discover other public profiles from relevant authors, inventors or colleagues.
  • Link your ORCID account to your Lens account to manage your profile and/or sign into the Lens using your ORCID account.
  • Use the automatic bulk claim wizard from your ORCID Plus profile to easily find additional works/patents available in the Lens, record your authorship/inventorship, and automatically sync them to your ORCID record.
  • Follow other authors or inventors to receive alerts whenever they publish new patents or scholarly works linked to their ORCID record.

Other changes and improvements

New work area notifications styles.

  • Updated notification styles in the user work area sidebar, deleting a notification no longer closes the notification pane.
  • Added New Match Date and Collection Event filters to the query details pane to support saved query and dynamic collection notifications.

Additional minor changes based on user feedback:

  • UI and UX improvements including updated tooltips and updated collection header design and user settings.
  • After registering for a new account, clicking the link in the confirmation email and logging in, users are now then redirected back to the page that they were on when they initiated the account registration.
  • The username is now displayed on the user account settings page.
  • Unresolved original citation strings are now displayed below the resolved citations on the Cited Works tab of individual patents.
  • Added rotate buttons to the patent document image preview.
  • Entering a query into the search bar above the structured search page and submitting the search now parses the search into the structured search page or query text editor for validation before the user can submit the search.
  • Added Cited Scholarly Works count to the patent results sort options.


  • Prevent saved queries from being created for individual patents from the search history.
  • Fixed transparency and styling issues when using Edit Search from search results.
  • Fixed the Scholar metrics carousel causing horizontal scroll bars.
  • Moved previousSearch cached values from browser LocalStorage to SessionStorage.
  • Fixed the search history sidebar regression, which now shows the user’s search history again.
  • Fixed the cited works facets in the patent filter sidebar not showing article metadata.

API & Data Improvements:

  • The Lens Patent API is now in the Beta testing phase. A number of selected users will help in the testing. If you would like to be notified when version 1.0 of the Patent API is available, please Request Notification or email Alternatively, please participate in this brief survey to help us design and build improved API's and web services that will be useful to you.
  • Updated Unpaywall data to the 2020-10-09 snapshot.
  • Combined authorship and inventorship searches: Added new search filter to support profiles and authorship/inventorship searches based on ORCID identifiers. The combined ORCID search retrieves works from the ORCID record matching on DOI, PMID or Lens ID, and combines these with any additional works in the Lens with the same ORCID identifier.
For guidance on navigating the Scholarly API, please check the online documentation, and to report bugs/issues, usability related questions, or to request features, please use our GitHub issue tracker. For general questions, please visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at with your queries/comments.

Interested in helping us improve?

  • Share your use case with us and explore how Lens can help you.
  • Keep sending us your feedback on The Lens features and functionality.
  • Get involved in Lens Labs and take action to improve a public resource.
  • Register your interest in a public webinar on the Lens ReportsBETA and help us build the report builder facility
The Lens is a public good project run by Cambia, a global social enterprise that is committed to making the innovation process more transparent, inclusive and effective for those seeking to solve problems and make a social impact and thus, we welcome your active engagement, participation, and support.

Patch Notes

Additional Changes and Data Improvements:
  • Updated Open Access Colour definitions. The new definitions are:
    • Gold: Published in an open-access journal.
    • Hybrid: Free under an open license in a toll-access journal.
    • Green: Toll-access on the publisher page, but there is an open copy in an OA repository.
    • Bronze: Free to read on the publisher page, but without a clearly identifiable creative commons license.
  • Added profile image cropper functionality to support profile image upload.
  • Added support for profile image upload from linked profiles and updated default profile image.
  • Updated the Lens Labs page with new content, datasets and dashboards.
  • Updated the Citations and References tabs on individual scholarly works with basic formatting for unresolved citation strings and metadata fetching for first 100 records.
  • Fixes for ORCID v3.0 API responses
  • Fix authorship bulk claim error handling
  • Allow authorship to be recorded without an author name match
  • Stop automatic capitalisation of user profile heading
  • Fix incorrect link on collection avatar images
  • Fix profile breadcrumbs
  • Fixed formatting for long collection descriptions and linked collections in the work area collection table view
  • Inline formatting for active API plans
  • Fix page number on patent image preview
  • Truncate lengthy claims on individual patent
  • In4M chart fixes
  • Truncate lengthy patent claims