Release 6.9

27 July 2020 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 6.9
Tags and Notes for scholarly works, link to inventor’s ORCID profile, new preset dashboards and more!

Tags and Notes for scholarly works, link to inventor’s ORCID profile, new preset dashboards and more!

N.B. We are no longer supporting Internet Explorer, all other modern and standards compliant browsers are still supported (e.g. Firefox, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, Chrome, Safari, Opera).


Explore More Author options.

Explore More Institution options.

Explore More Inventor options.

New preset dashboards.

  • Scholarly Works now support Tags* and Notes:
    • In addition to being able to tag patent records, now you can tag individual scholarly works too and apply filters using the Tags sidebar to retrieve your tagged works. The Tags sidebar supports filtering with tags or launching a new search for a selected tag. Several improvements have also been made to the Tags tab in the user Work Area, which now shows the number of patents and scholarly works associated with each tag and supports bulk tag editing.
    • Support for Notes has also been added to individual scholarly works. Notes can be added on the Notes tab or from the toolbar on individual scholarly works and retrieved in the Notes tab in the user Work Area. The Notes sidebar has also been updated and shows the users recent notes on patents, scholarly works and collections.
  • Added preset Dashboards to the Analysis Wizard and Dashboard Sidebar. Preset dashboards include: Authors, Citations, Journals, Institutions, Country/Region, Funding and Open Access
  • “Explore More” tooltips have been added/expanded in the article/patent summary tab to provide additional discovery options:
    • From the logo grid in the analysis preview, you can now “Exclude” institutions or applicants from your search.
    • Where ORCID Inventorship is recorded, you can also filter/search by inventor and link to the inventor’s ORCID profile.
  • From your private Work Area, you can now:
    • Use the Beta Set Action box to merge (using OR boolean operator) or intersect (AND operator) different saved queries.
    • Receive notifications in your work area if you have enabled saved query alerts.
    • Download a list (csv formatted) of your work area items (including Collections, Saved Queries, Dashboards, Reports, Tags and Notes).
  • Additional minor changes based on user feedback:

    • Added markdown support for institutional collection descriptions*.
    • Collections can now be exported from the user Work Area.
    • Colour coding improvements to the collection header.
    • Added Select All tri-state option to the “Load More” facet modals to allow for quick selection of facet search results.
    • Added “Show more filters…” option to the filter sidebar and query details when more than 10 filters are applied.
    • Navigating to the search history, a saved query or a collection from the work area now switches the sidebar to the filters.
    • Pre-calculated facet counts are now used when no query or filters are specified to reduce timeouts and improve loading time.
    Scholarly Works
    • In the References tab for scholarly works and to provide more transparency, The Lens presents now the compiled reference counts as well as the counts from the originating data sources.
    • By default, results are now sorted by citations when no query is defined. When a query string is provided, the default setting remains “Sort by relevance”.
    • The patent document preview now opens a document image by default instead of loading the PDF to improve performance. There is a button in the document preview sidebar for viewing the document as a PDF.
    • The "Group by family" option is now disabled when "Expand by family" is checked in the patent filter sidebar.
    • Added a message to indicate patent analysis chart aggregations aren't accurate when “Group by Family” is enabled.


    • Dashboard saving is now prompted if a chart is added or removed.
    • Add items to collections from an individual scholarly work/patent page.
    • Document type filter in the patent structured search page.
    • Display warning message if a user has been logged out due to the session expiring.
    • Searching and redirecting support on patent families.
    • Handle patent owner filter error when assignee names are missing.
    • Redirect support for legacy dashboards parameters.
    • Update all PatSeq linkouts to the main Lens app.
    • Display collection tools for the collection owner only.
    • In4M Analysis regression.
    • PatCite UI build failing.

    API & Data Improvements:

    • Expired API tokens are now indicated in the user’s Active Access tab on the API & Data page.

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    * Thanks to Barwon Health for sponsoring two public features in this release; the scholarly tags and markdown support for institutional collection descriptions. If you are willing to sponsor features that will advance your and the public experience, please contact us at

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