Release 6.1.0

27 May 2019 by Aaron Ballagh in Featured, Notices, Release Notes

Release 6.1.0
New features to manage your scholarly analysis saved dashboards, customise your reports, download patent or scholarly citations in various formats, and more...

N.B. We are no longer supporting Internet Explorer, all other modern and standards compliant browsers are still supported (e.g. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera).


  • This release features a newly added institutional dashboard to the Lens landing page and includes the following improvements to usability and access of the scholarly analysis dashboards:
    • Save, retrieve and update your analysis dashboards.
    • Access and manage analysis dashboards in the user work area and the improved list of saved dashboards from the sidebar.
    • Sort and customise your dashboards by rearranging the charts using the new drag and drop feature.
  • Further improvements to the customisable charts in the scholarly analysis dashboards:
    • The analysis chart series are now limited to the applied filters to better compare institutions/authors/journals/funders/etc.
    • The Time series chart points are now click-able to apply filters
    • Chart legends are now at the bottom of all charts to improve chart sizing and dashboard layout.
  • Citations for individual patent or scholarly works can now be downloaded in RIS, BibTex, CSV or JSON formats
  • We added quick analysis buttons to the facet filters for authors, institutions, institution country/region, funders, and journals.

Additional minor changes:

  • Usability improvements to ‘Choose More’ modal in the facet filters, allowing users to search all documents and launch a new search
  • Added publisher to the scholarly search filters and homepage search sidebar (user feedback)
  • Added institution country/region to the homepage search sidebar (user feedback)
  • Grouped “Subject Matter” and “Open access” scholarly facet filters
  • Made scholarly export and citation download formats and fields consistent
  • Completed new skin for PatSeq apps
  • Updated dark mode theme across all apps
  • Added new featured institutional analysis dashboard to landing page

Fixes (user feedback):

  • Fix handling of special characters in DOIs
  • Fix searches for scholarly works by patent inventor losing applied filters
  • Patent Structured Search suggestions not disappearing for empty input
  • Patent search date-picker filters not populating correctly
  • Corrected date formatting in time series charts to account for user time-zone

Data Improvements/Alerts:

  • Please note, we have officially ended support for Internet Explorer on the website. While some of the Lens apps such as PatSeq still support versions of IE, we can not guarantee they will remain compatible and we recommend all IE users find an alternative browser. We still fully support Microsoft Edge, along with all other modern and standards compliant browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).

Interested in helping us improve?

  • While preparing for the release of the beta version API for the Lens scholarly data, we have a few API tokens that we can share with librarians or other users who are willing to test the API with their own use cases to help us provide better documentation upon the official release.  If you are interested, please email
  • We are grateful to the overwhelming feedback we have been receiving on, and the volunteers who have been actively engaged in helping us improve and maintain this public resource.  There are still several technical and data challenges that we are working on and so, if you think you can help, please see for more details.
As we continue scaling up the Lens services, we welcome your feedback.  If you would like to share a tutorial/blog about your use of the Lens, please let us know.  And because we have recently upgraded many of the apps, please make sure you are using the latest updated version of your browser.  If you need guidance to navigate the Lens and utilise its many different features, please visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at with your queries/comments