Release 5.7.3

21 June 2018 by Ben Warren in Release Notes

Release 5.7.3
Patent search index field changes This is a minor release which renames, adds and removes some patent index search fields We have made efforts to convert existing queries to the new field names where possible and the Structured Search Editor has been updated accordingly as part of this release. The changes are detailed below and should only be relevant to users who are manually crafting or modifying queries which use the affected fields. Fields renamed for clarification and to align with the UI naming conventions:
Previous Name New Name Notes
the raw scholarly work references cited by a particular patent
the patents cited by a particular patent
the number of patents citing a particular patent
New fields added: -
- the number of patents cited by a particular patent Fields removed: -
- authors of scholarly works cited by patents. This field was removed because it is largely duplicated by the new Scholarly Works functionality and also to improve the performance of patent facet calculations. The data is still available by switching to the 'Cited Works' tab once you have performed your patent search. Additional changes
  • Lens ID field was added to structured search
  • Counts in scholarly collections "Choose more" facet explorer was fixed
  • Citations link to Patent Search fixed
  • Selection Tool "All / Top 10k" label for collection fixed
  • Persistent display by the most recently updated collection implemented
  • Update notice animation in the landing page improved
  • Analysis "Load Top 100" for Scholarly Collections fixed
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