Release 5.2.0

18 September 2017 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 5.2.0
In the past few weeks, we’ve made significant changes to the Analysis View and Collections Management User Interface. We’ve improved some of the design features and made further updates to our major Apps, In4M and PatCite. Improved Analysis View:
  • Ability to choose and customise facets for visualisation. Display options now include: Publications by year, Jurisdictions, Authors, Owners, Classifications and more.
publication by year jurisdictions the lens owners heatmap Improved Analysis View - Continued:
  • Option to display results in a Map, Pie Chart or Word Cloud View
  • Ability to save the visualisation or export it as an image
  • Ability to remove panels from the visualisation
  • Improved Heat Map Support
  • Improved Logo Grid Support (and ability to fetch top 100)
  • Ability to share the analysis via a link
Improved Collection Management UI:
  • Removal of the collection management widget
  • Collection controls now show in the toolbar
  • Addition of a sticky toolbar now allows for modification after scrolling
  • Improved flash notifications (& wording)
  • Ability to add a patent to multiple collections at a time
  • Ability to edit or delete collections without having to enter into the Work Area
  • Addition of tooltips on Patent pages
  • Improved style and usability of Patent Notes
  • Improved readability of facet and breadcrumb counts
  • Greater speed on Menu animations
  • Improvement to filter facet display
  • Improvement to sequence tab layouts
  • Ability to save the Fields of Use HeatMap visualisation
  • Addition of Global/Australian selector to the main menu
  • Improved error handling
  • Facet loading timeouts now display an error message
  • Items no longer disappear from Work Area after edit
  • Improved Open Graph support for better previews when sharing Lens links in 3rd party software
  • Addition of auto-suggest for search input in the Classification Viewer
  • Addition of an autocomplete function in the Classification Input Bar
Thanks to our users for submitting feedback and suggesting new features. We enjoy hearing from you and are always looking to understand how we can further support your decision-making. If you need guidance navigating The Lens and utilising its many different features visit our Support Centre or contact us at