Release 5.15.0

04 March 2019 by Aaron Ballagh in Notices, Release Notes

Release 5.15.0

New search by ORCID author/inventor, improved export functionality and bug fixes.


  • Added new search functionality to scholarly and patent search pages to allow users to:
    • look up an ORCID persistent digital identifier or an author/inventors’ name in the ORCID public registry, and
    • select that ORCID author/inventor ID and run a search in the lens to retrieve works/patents that are publicly accessible in the selected ORCID profile.
  • Added CORE identifiers to scholarly work records and filter functionality for scholarly works with CORE identifiers.
  • Added support for lowercase check digit in Lens ID.


  • Scholarly export in CSV format for scholarly works with long author lists
  • Scholarly export in RIS and BibTex formats for works with unknown document type (user’s feedback)
  • Export functionality for citing patents (user’s feedback)
  • Export functionality from collection page in user’s work area
  • Filtering authors with accents in their name does not work (user’s feedback)
  • The search bar states for patents, scholarly works and collections
  • Reset password function
  • Navigating from citing patents back to scholarly works in scholarly collections
  • ORCID sync issue associated with claiming inventorship of patents (user’s feedback)

Interested in helping us improve?

We thank the volunteers who are actively engaged and helping us at present and if you are an engineer who loves challenges in data disambiguation or improving the overall quality of the Lens data, please contact us. There are several technical and data challenges that we are working on and you may be able to provide an important contribution to help make the Lens an even better a public resource, please see for more details.

As we continue scaling up the Lens services, we welcome your feedback.  If you would like to share a tutorial/blog about your use of the Lens, please let us know.  And because we have recently upgraded many of the apps, please make sure you are using the latest updated version of your browser.  If you need guidance to navigate the Lens and utilise its many different features, please visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at with your queries/comments.