Release 5.14.0

18 December 2018 by Aaron Ballagh in Featured, Release Notes

Release 5.14.0
New structured search pages, query text editor and improved loading times.


  • Added new search pages for scholarly and patent searches, with advanced options for building structured searches, improved field notes and search tips, an overview of the dataset and some quick preset searches, as well as a feature tour to guide users through the new search pages.
  • Added new query text editor with field name auto-suggest and query validation for creating advanced Boolean queries.
  • Updated landing page with shortcut buttons to the new patent and scholarly search pages.
  • Improvements to the full screen view for analysis visualisations.
  • Implemented improvements to search responsiveness and loading times.


  • Fix issues with classification viewer not updating on clicking a new classification outside the explorer
  • Fix issue with stemming checkbox for patent searches (user feedback)

Interested in helping us improve?

As a part of our ongoing process to improve the quality of the Lens data, we would like to invite anyone with an interest in enhancing the quality of such data the opportunity to help us do just that. There are several technical and data challenges that we are working on and you may be able to provide an important contribution to help make the Lens an even better public resource, please see for more details. We welcome your feedback on the new search pages and text query editor, or any other Lens features. If you need guidance to navigate to any of the Lens features, please visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at with your queries/comments. And if you have made a tutorial/video about your use of the Lens, we would love to hear about it.   Minor Release 5.14.4 Improvements/Changes:
  • Added the ability for users to manage their profile pictures by uploading an image or importing their LinkedIn profile picture.
  • Added additional fields to the scholarly works export, including the references (list of Lens IDs) and scholarly citation counts.
  • Removed the User Setting Font Size feature.
  • Changed citation and publication type filters to tristate filters.
  • Fix conference and journal information appearing on article pages.
  • Filter sidebar now opens when a filter is applied.
  • Fix filtering on facets with special characters.
  • Fix scholar facet autosuggest bug.
  • Upgrade scholarly store instance to reduce export timeouts.