Release 5.1.0

21 August 2017 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 5.1.0
In addition to the 200 global institutions featured in the In4M Ranking System, the Lens releases the QUT In4M Australia profile that allows institutions and investment leadership to explore influence of 51 Australian research institutions' scholarship on industry and innovation based on the new In4M metric. See the analysis for a particular institution or compare institutions using our list of suggested pre-sets. For example, compare Australia's Innovative Research Universities by research discipline or technology field of use or explore the Top 10  Australian Universities by the In4M Rank. Further to adding the Australian dataset, updates to The Lens include:
  • Addition of a ‘Save Analysis’ feature
  • Addition of a ‘Share Analysis’ feature
  • Addition of a ‘Quick Compare’ function to Influence Rankings Methodology sidebar
  • Addition of Document Titles for improved browser navigation & bookmarking
  • Addition of custom descriptions to all cards and reports
  • Improvements to Fields of Use on Institution Dossiers
  • Creation of a permalink for ‘Requesting A Report’
  • Addition of State and City filters to the In4M Rankings
  • Minor improvements to In4M Ranking Map UI
Thanks to our users for submitting feedback and suggesting new features. We enjoy hearing from you and are always looking to understand how we can further support your decision-making. If you need guidance to navigate The Lens and utilise its many different features visit our Support Centre or contact us at To improve the accuracy of your institution’s ranking in The In4M Ranking System, upload your scholarship here.