Release 4.2.1

13 March 2017 by Ben Warren in Release Notes

Release 4.2.1
Highlight: New Look and Feel Improvements include:
  • Brighter cleaner look and feel
  • Improved UI response to screen size
  • Consistent look across all functionality and sites
  • Rebranding and Logo update
  • Introduced a new search bar to allow you to initiate or refine a search from anywhere in the site
Highlight: Classification Viewer Wherever you encounter a CPC, IPC or USPC classification symbol within the LENS, you can now view verbose text description and notes and warnings without leaving your current search or view. Launch the Classification Viewer now. You can also browse to find related symbols. We are actively working to expand this functionality to include autocomplete and free text searching. Highlight: Exclude Option for Filter Values It is now possible to explicitly exclude filter values from your query. For example this link takes you to a query for documents containing gene sequences for 'Homo sapiens' but not those also containing a sequence for 'Rattus norvegicus'. To exclude a value from results click the checkbox for the value twice to show the 'X'. Clicking again will clear the filter value. See the Refine Your Search support page for further information on results filtering.... Other Features/Enhancements
  • Visual warning if your session has expired and you were logged out
  • Fixed typo in document type Amended Patent (was Ammended Patent)
  • Fixes to tag functionality within Workspace