Release 0.9.3

11 February 2015 by Deniz Koellhofer in Release Notes

Release 0.9.3
Highlight: PatSeq Analyzer The PatSeq genome browser is now available as a stand-alone tool and includes a large set of filtering and search capabilities, including SEQ ID NO and gene search. Highlight: PatSeq Genomes We have added three new genomes: maize, rice and soybean. All genomes are available in PatSeq Explorer and PatSeq Analyzer. Highlight: PatSeq Finder The work area has been extended to include the PatSeq Finder search history. Here you can manage your previous sequence searches. By default these can only be accessed by you. Now you can publish them, allowing you to share search results publicly or embed them in 3rd party sites. Other Improvements
  • PatSeq Explorer and PatSeq Analyzer now provide state-aware URLs, making it easier to share and bookmark specific views. Both tools also provide bulk download options to download mapped sequences for genomic regions of interest.
  • We have added instructional videos for most of the PatSeq tools. Go and take a look - they will provide a quick overview and introduction.
  • HTTPS support has been added to