Release 0.9.2

10 December 2014 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 0.9.2
Highlight: Now Serving CrossRef DOI Data We have made some major improvements to the way the lens handles scientific literature citations, including the integration of all CrossRef DOI data. PubMed and CrossRef authors have now been merged in the single search field ‘author’ and facet named ‘Cited Authors’. PubMed authors can now be searched separately using the new search field ‘pubmed_author’. These changes make the PubMed author search field name consistent with the CrossRef author search field ‘crossref_authors’, which was introduced in the previous release. These changes will help you find a more comprehensive set of patent documents that cite any one paper or author. For an example of these features in action check out our article on the impact of public science. Other Improvements
  • General UI improvements, including a new look and feel and a new homepage design.
  • We've added a new collection management toolbar above your search to help you easily curate, create, edit and share collections from any search page.
  • Search filtering tools and facets have now been moved to the left of the search and feature an intuitive accordion interface.
  • We've added new note management tools to the left of each document page, allowing you to record your notes about each document quickly and easily. Inline notes can still be accessed as normal from the paperclip icons next to each document section heading.