Release 0.8.0

04 December 2013 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 0.8.0
Highlight: Responsive Design 
You can now enjoy a compelling and consistent user experience on range of devices, from smart phones and tablets right through to desktops with large displays. The Lens team has adopted this responsive design approach so that you can access the resource in the way that suits you best. In addition, the new responsive layout brings together existing features such as faceted search with exciting new functionality such as the creation, management and sharing of large patent collections, saved queries and notes. Highlight: Biological Search Tools The "sequences tab" document view has been redesigned, with new filter panels for species, sequence length, sequence type, and sequence location within the patent document. You can also now search for sequences using their SEQ ID number. The sequence similarity search has been renamed the PatSeq Finder and its user interface has been updated. The PatSequence database for these searches has been vastly improved, with a complete dataset from 1982 including the green book dataset (1992-2001). Finally we have upgraded out sequence server to match the Lucene 4 indexing seen on the rest of The Lens, using these improvements we plan to soon release the new PatSeq Data page - a summary of important statistics determined from the data set as a whole. Highlight: Collections The Lens now supports the creation of collections of up to 100,000 patents. You can also now import the top 100,000 results from a complex query into an existing or new collection. Your collections can be retained as private collections or made public. You can also copy and then modify public collections to suit your needs. In the near future we will be adding the ability for you to share collections with a subset of fellow Lens users of your choice. Right now your public collections can be embedded in web pages of your choice, allowing you to share dynamic visualisations of your collections. Highlight: Non Patent Literature We have recently added over a million new links between patents and the non patent literature cited in patents. We have been working with NCBI and CrossRef  to allow navigation between patent and non patent literature. Look for links to Crossref and NCBI on pages like to begin to explore this functionality. You can click on the associated count to quickly access patents that cite the same non patent literature. Highlight: Support Center With this release we are also launching a new integrated Support Center. Here you can  find in depth documentation on how to use The Lens, alongside in-depth information about the patent system itself in the Knowledge Database. Other Improvements
  • Google Maps used on the Family Information page updated to API version 3.0
  • Family info filing date month bug has been fixed
  • Strikethrough bug on some claims data has been fixed
Other Improvements on PatSeq Tools
  • added a ALT-key + leftmouse click combination to zoom into a range.
  • Sequence track zoom notification move more into the centre
  • +/- zoom buttons update zoom label
  • user is notified upon failed searches and the spinner stops
  • restructured navigation bar and placed search into the centre
  • the histogram heights should correctly project onto the log-based scale
  • duplications in embed URL removed
  • the summary lines in the embedded PatSeq Analyzer now list the correct sequence length start value
  • PatSeq Analyzer popup window works now in the Gene track (regionOverview panel)
  • owner filter ignored when transitioning from PatSeq Explorer to PatSeq Analyzer
  • scrollbar are now visible
  • added the funnel overlay again, this time with flexible width calculation, the height is fixed
  • added a basic slider label
  • some other minor bugs resulting from missing jsorolla files.