Release 0.7.6

08 October 2013 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 0.7.6
Highlight: Australian Data Enriched We now serve additional information (provided by IP Australia) on over a million Australian documents. The extra data includes text searchable PDFs and raw OCR'd text data extracted from PDFs (claims, abstracts, and full text). This is a huge improvement for anyone investigating Australian documents, however there are some outstanding issues to be aware of. Unlike some of our other data sets, the Australian PDFs are at times inconsistently formatted and have inconsistent key structures. This has impacted on the quality of our extracted information and our ability to display the data. For this reason we would like to suggest that users are careful when examining this data and check extracted information against original images or compare directly with information on the IP Australia website. Please also visit this page for more information on Australian patent numbers. Highlight: PatSeq Analyzer The PatSeq Explorer has been upgraded to include a new analytical tool, the PatSeq Analyzer based on Genome Maps. The new tool fills the gap between PatSeq Explorer's aggregated statistics and the characteristics of individual patent sequences. It offers a low-level exploration and examination platform that visualises individual patent sequence information in the genomic context including public annotation datasets. Now, you can search for your favourite genes or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and analyse trends of patent activities around them. Moreover, you can compare claims from various patent documents that reference sequences. The PatSeq Explorer and Analyzer are also now embeddable. Other Improvements on Biological Tools
  • We added the following features to the PatSeq Explorer's Human Genome:
    • Protein sequence mappings.
    • Gapped nucleotide sequence mappings.
    • New filter options for sequence type and mapping homology.
    • Ability to plot sequence counts against document counts.
  • An improved BLAST server for the sequence similarity search feature that is now able to process a larger number of simultaneous searches more quickly. NCBI BLAST+ has been updated to the latest version: 2.2.28.
Other Improvements
  • A number of backend processes used to update data on our site have been automated, improving our data deployment time.
  • Various bugs with embedded graphs have been fixed.