Release 0.7.5

24 July 2013 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 0.7.5
Highlight: Lucene 4 Indexing We have completed a major upgrade of our search engine technology from Lucene version 3 to version 4. This new version improves scalability, allowing us to handle more users and to add new data collections without response times degrading. Lucene 4 utilises native faceting of our data, laying the groundwork for other exciting features in the future. Other Improvements
  • Upgrading our search infrastructure has allowed us to improve our coverage of WIPO republished applications. These are applications with kind codes A3, A4, A8 and A9. Learn more about kind codes atWIPO.
  • A few display bugs caused when grouping search results by extended family have been fixed.
  • Some bugs caused when filtering by date have been fixed.