Release 0.7.4

25 June 2013 by Cambia Staff in Release Notes

Release 0.7.4
Highlight: Family Fallback When viewing a patent where the full document isn’t yet available to us from the patent office, the page will ‘fallback’ to a simple family member (a copy of the patent found in another jurisdiction) to load images and PDF files. Whenever this happens you will be notified and linked to the related patent the page is falling back to. This useful feature makes it much easier to review patents where this information was previously unavailable. Other Improvements
  • Our image server has been upgraded, improving the way we load images onto the site.
  • A Safari caching issue that was causing pages to not load when the forward or back buttons were used has been fixed.
  • An IE8 bug that was applying placeholder text as entered text on the advanced search page has been fixed.