Release 0.9.1

17 June 2014 by admin in Release Notes

Release 0.9.1
Highlight: PatSeq Genomes We have added the mouse genome to PatSeq Explorer and Analyzer and updated the human mapping with the latest PatSeq sequences. Highlight: PatSeq Data PatSeq Data is a new and open platform allowing you to view the total holdings of PatSeq database, bulk download, and analyze all available patent sequences within your own workspace without a license or a fee. This tool also provides a venue for patent offices to share their biological patent holdings and other contextual knowledge enabling you to compare national and regional offices’ holdings with our database, learn about sequence patentability requirements in each jurisdiction, and explore relevant legal changes in the jurisdictions that act as International Search Authority. Other Improvements
  • The PatSeq facility has now a newly structured landing page.
  • The search option in PatSeq Explorer for “Publication number” now accepts diversely formatted publication strings.
  • The PatSeq Explorer performance has been further improved using pre-aggregated statistics.
  • A bug resulting in duplicate bars near chromosome boundaries in PatSeq Explorer has been fixed.
  • We have shared a prototype of the upcoming standalone PatSeq Analyzer genome browser.