Release 0.10.0

06 June 2016 by Deniz Koellhofer in Release Notes

Release 0.10.0
Highlight: Upgraded PatSeq Finder We have released a newly upgraded version of the PatSeq Finder sequence search tool. This version provides a ground up redesign of both the search backend and user interface. Improvements include:
  • improved search form, with short query parameter optimization
  • advanced filtering capabilities, including many sequence similarity and patent bibliographic attributes
  • multi-field sorting
  • export of results including patent and sequence similarity meta data, in Word and Excel formats
  • download of raw non-redundant BLAST result files
  • advanced security with encryption of query and result data at rest.
Highlight: Public Domain Similarities For each patent sequence, we have started to track similar and/or identical sequences in the public domain (NCBI GenBank and RefSeq).  For each sequence and matching species the highest scoring match is displayed. This information is provided in a new homology column of a sequence listing table in the sequence tab of a biological patent.  For example: The mouse-over tooltip provides further background information detailing the sequence similarity, as well as link outs to the corresponding public sequence database entries. Highlight: Sequence occurence details We have also added in the sequence listing table in the sequence tab of a biological patent, the occurrence information, providing details on: a) how often a sequence occurs in the entire PatSeq database b) the number of distinct simple or extended families that disclose or reference a sequence in the claims section. For further exploration, linkouts to the corresponding documents and simple families are provided.