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Privacy Policy

Your use of the Lens is your business, not ours.

Website Visitors

We want the Lens to be the best tool that it can be, and we are working continually on making the Lens better and better. In order to do this, we need to know what features you're using, what kind of browser you’re using, which language version and where you’re visiting from. So we collect this information whenever you visit the Lens. But this information will not be used to identify you personally. We would love it if you would tell us who you are and why you use the Lens. But you’re going to have to initiate the conversation yourself, because we’re not going to snoop around to figure it out on our own.

We collect this information using our own tracking service, we do not use third-party tracking services. If you don’t want to be tracked, then change the settings on your browser to turn off tracking – simple as that. And when we talk about the Lens or write about the Lens, we might say that “X number of searches are performed each day" or "Y percent of the people who visit the Lens use the Firefox browser, and Z percent of them use the Russian language version.” But that's it.

Email Addresses

If you want to register for an account, you need to give us a valid email address (we require a valid email address for an account so we can reset your password should you forget it). We’re not going to share your email address with anyone. But if you don’t want to share one of your email addresses with us, that’s fine – just don’t register for an account.

Personal Data 

We consider use of the Lens to be your business and not ours, and so we do not use the information we gather from use of our website to identify you personally.  Still, under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you may request from the Lens access to and rectification or erasure of your Personal Data, data portability, restriction of processing of your Personal Data, and the right to object to processing of your Personal Data. If you would like to exercise your rights under the GDPR or to delete your Lens account, just let us know by sending an email to dpo@lens.org

Privacy Policy Changes

Technology changes, and we might decide to add new features. And so we might occasionally want to change this Privacy Policy. We’ll post a notice on the homepage whenever this happens, but it would be a good idea to check back here every now and again to see if anything’s changed.


We don’t actually handle granting all patents worldwide. Nor, unfortunately, do we have a warehouse in the Australian outback where we store a physical copy of every patent ever granted. Instead, we collect electronic versions of patent documents from the patent offices of dozens of different countries and keep them in the cloud for everyone to look at for free as a public service.

Some of these national patent offices do a great job of converting the text and drawings of the physical documents into electronic format, and some of them do a not-so-great job. So while a lot of documents have searchable full text and great looking drawings that can easily be viewed online or in a PDF, some of the documents do not. Sometimes the text – especially in non-Roman alphabets and with non-standard characters – doesn’t display perfectly, sometimes the equations don’t appear properly on the screen, and sometimes the drawings and diagrams don’t look quite right.

We do our best, but we’re limited with what we have to work with. So, if something is missing – or worse yet is actually wrong – please let us know. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that the data and documents we present will be perfectly accurate or complete. Go complain to the patent office, instead.

If you’re sick, you can use sites on the internet to learn what to ask your doctor about, but the internet itself is not your doctor. Similarly, we are not your lawyer! So if you’re concerned about whether you might be infringing someone else’s patent or whether they might be infringing your patent, look at the patent documents, run your analyses, and decide for yourself whether or not you need to hire a lawyer. If you do, we hope the Lens provides you and your lawyer with a lot of useful information. But remember that they get to charge those outrageous fees for a reason, and no amount of information we can provide can make up for their training and experience. . .

. . . yet.

Patent Sequence Data

Please see Patent Sequence Data - Terms of Use for more details.


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