Release 5.9.0

21 August 2018 by Simon Lang in Featured, Release Notes

Release 5.9.0

Saved Query alerts, Collection limit increased and joined Query Details improvements

Major updates:

- Added Saved Query Alerts - receive an email when new data is added for your saved queries
- Query Details / Collection Header improvements - see details of your joined query and improved navigation between cited/citing panes
- Collection Limit increased to 50,000 for logged in users

New Features:

- Scholarly collection import now available using other scholarly identifiers like DOIs, PMIDs, etc
- Query Details boolean query strings should be syntax highlighted
- Query Details patent filters can now be cleared inline
- Datepicker now allows selecting just the year for quicker selection
- PatCite articles now link into Lens

Design Improvements:

- Improved analysis views loading
- Patent Legal Events Date Order reversed
- Collection Save/Add Buttons submitting state now shows spinner
- Improved "Innovation Apps" main menu
- Improved labelling for Link-outs to Repository for open access
- Improved default Scholar search exclude unknown document type filter UX


- Fixed Field of Study filter not appearing in Query Details
- Fixed LinkedIn avatar display on Collections
- Fixed LinkedIn login window height

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