Release 5.7.0

08 June 2018 by Ben Warren in Release Notes

Release 5.7.0

Scholarly Collections, Recommended Works and GDPR Compliance

Two major new items of functionality are now available with this release:

- Scholarly Collections: You can now create, and manage a Collection of Scholarly Works just the same way you can with Patents. In this initial release we limited the size of the collection to 10k, however, in the near future, we plan to expand that number by at least 10 fold and hopefully provide APIs.

- Added "Recommended Works" feature, as sourced from Microsoft Academic Graph, in the article's view .  These are relevant further scholarly readings.


- Each Scholarly Work can now be identified by a 15 digit Lens ID allowing you to find "many" knowledge artefacts associated with that work ranging from its variants in the various databases to many of the value added metadata including its citation in the patent and scholarly literature.  You can use the ID as part of a query or to retrieve the associated record (eg.042-204-626-457-327).
- Search Results toolbar has been improved.
- We added Terms and Conditions checkbox to Registration process for GDPR compliance.

-Colour coding of Patents and Scholarly Works tabs has been implemented.

Bug fixes:

-Lens Logo bug  (user's feedback)

-Add missing "choose More" explorer to scholar facets on View Article page (user's feedback)

As we continue to improve and scale up the Lens services, we welcome your engagement and feedback on how to further support your decision-making. If you need guidance to navigate the Lens and utilise its many different features, please visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at with your queries/comments.