Release 5.6.4

27 April 2018 by Simon Lang in Release Notes

Release 5.6.4

PatCite is now updated with latest Scholarly data

Thanks to all our users feedback since our recent 5.6.0 release. We are delighted by your compliments and grateful for your suggestions and bug reporting.

There have been a few minor patches and improvements in the last two weeks.


- Colour coding Patents and Scholarly works
- Improved Patent and Scholarly works result listing styles
- Responsive layouts improved for mobile devices
- Title case keyword and publication type facet values
- Improved sticky toolbar UX
- Improved scholarly search page loading
- Terminology changes to be more consistent
- Updated Open Graph Logo


- Improved scholarly sort options
- Added new Cited scholarly works badge to Patents
- Improved Spanish support
- Add piwik opt out to user settings

-PatCite data updated

Bug fixes:

- Fixed scholar date filters bug
- Fixed bad journal title reference
- Fixed bad tab active state in Article Citations
- Disable misleading citing patents tab click state
- Fixed analysis chart selector regression

-Fixed patent collections in PatCite (user's request)