Release 5.5.6

22 March 2018 by Simon Lang in Release Notes

Release 5.5.6

Thanks to all the users feedback since our previous 5.5.0 release.  We are delighted by your compliments and grateful for your suggestions and bug reporting.   Here is an update on what we managed to improve so far:

Home Page
- Landing page content changes
- Fix home page structured search trigger

Patent Search & Analysis
- New badge on Cited/Citing tab is now permanent
- Search bar flyout UX improvement
- Fix top cited patents chart
- Fix top cited articles chart click failing to set filter
- Fix search bar submit clearing patent search filters
- Fix Analysis line chart excluding most recent year
- Fix Selection Tools styles

- Scholarly Facet "Choose More" explorer can search top 1000
- Display sources for Article Cited counts
- Article Patent Citations list/analysis view toggle

Browser Compatibility & Security
- Fix IE11 issues (e.g. facets not expanding)
- Fix XSS vulnerability in patent search results

- Fix empty message on adding Patents to a Collection
- Fix collection counts not updating on add/remove patents
- Show collection title in PatCite

Structured Search
- Fix patent filters in new Structured Search
- Update WIPO Jurisdiction label
- Add link to old Structured Search
- Add citing_orcid_works field to Structured Search

Classification Viewer
- Fix formatting of IPC Classifications
- Fix input value on open
- Fix not able to launch from Scholar or In4M
- Fix USPC queries containing slashes

We are very excited about our upcoming 5.6.0 release which contains some drastic improvements to our Scholarly data, so please keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks and keep sending us feedback.  We love to hear from you.