Release 5.5.0

15 February 2018 by Simon Lang in Featured, Release Notes

Release 5.5.0

The year has begun with a productive start with an array of new features and improvements added to the Lens

Major features:

- Reverse joins added. In our last release, we enabled the joining of a scholarly search results with the citing patents, in this release, you can join patents with their cited scholarly works.
- Add Funding to scholarly facets (you can now facet and search for a list of funder related attributes).
- Structured search helper added. This feature is now available from the main landing page and each page for both Patent and scholarly searches
- Patent page collections tab added

Additional features:

- Syntax highlighted display of query string in search bar (Beta)
- Owner/Applicant logo added to single-filter patent search results where available
- Improved display of query string and filters at top of results listings
- User Settings, include delete history, beta opt in
- Added the In4M ranking by Technology field of use, edited the In4M report, and two new tutorials on influence mapping are now available in the support centre.

Bug fixing:

- Fix bug that allowed user to register twice
- Fix exclude filter checkboxes issues in Firefox
- Improved collapsed tabs on mobile

Work Area improvements:

- Delete search history / do not track setting added
- Improved navigation (All searches are now under a common search tab)
- Guided alerts on all Work Area pages where no data present
- Sequence Bulk Downloads now nested under profile

Styling improvements:

- Results toolbar restructured
- High contrast themes for Visually Impaired users
- Improved breadcrumbs consistency
- Improved accessibility
- Font Sizing options

We enjoy hearing from you and are always looking to understand how we can further support your decision-making. If you need guidance to navigate The Lens and utilise its many different features visit our Support Center to check out the latest tutorials or contact us at