Release 5.11.0

29 October 2018 by Simon Lang in Featured, Release Notes

Release 5.11.0

Unpaywall integration with open access status, open access license and linkouts to full text versions of scholarly works. Stage 1 of the full scholarly citations, with exploration, export and metrics. Stage 1 of CORE integration with full text indexing of CORE records with a DOI. And more!

- Add Open Access linkouts from Unpaywall
- Add Open Access license and colour facet/filters to scholarly search
- Add forward citation data for all scholarly works
- Add Scholarly Metrics to Analysis screen
- Add Full Text filter to scholarly search
- Add Full Text snippet highlights to scholarly search results
- Addition of COinS metadata to improve integration with reference managers, such as Zotero
- Limit number of authors displayed in scholarly results lists
- Display scholarly work title in query details pane when viewing citations in Scholarly Search
- Send users notification when password or email is changed

- Malformed markup in patent search results
- Fix filter flags in Scholar Structured Search widget
- Fix publication type display for scholarly works

- Stage 1 of the full scholarly citations graph includes all forward citations from the reference lists for all scholarly works, with additional exploration functionality and metrics coming in the next stage.
- Stage 1 of CORE integration includes full text indexing of CORE records with a DOI. Additional full text records from CORE will be indexed and made available in the next stage.

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