Release 5.10.0

26 September 2018 by Simon Lang in Featured, Release Notes

Release 5.10.0

Improved patent search performance, saved query alerts, increased user privacy, and various fixes.


- Upgraded patent search index servers to improve search performance
- Improvements to saved query alerts emails (re number of results and query title) and better formatting of links (user's feedback)

- Better examples to Structured Search fields are now added
- Scholar filters information tooltip is now provided
- Replaced Journal Country scholar analysis item with Institution Country
- Adjusted the click on "Delete collection" button to a single click
- Relocate the "Unknown Publication Type" scholarly filter to the Publication Type facet accordion and added info tooltip to clarify meaning
- Removed Google Maps dependency in Patent Family tab


- Query details syntax highlighter, which was occasionally displaying some queries incorrectly, was fixed
- The homepage search form, which was not encoding slashes properly, is now repaired.
- Fixed patent result preview rows display in the expanded preview option in patent search results page (user's feedback)
- Increased limit on export Patents option (user's feedback)
- Fixed scholarly work author tooltip filter link
- ORCID inventorship syncing for inventorship claimed from the results list is now repaired (user's feedback)

- Implemented a fix re the ability to delete collections with many items which was occasionally failing (user's feedback)

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