Release 4.5.0

23 May 2017 by Simon Lang in Release Notes

Release 4.5.0

This month we have made a big push to improve our language support. Our translators have been hard at work making sure the Spanish, Chinese and French sites are fully translated. We are also in the process of improving our Russian and adding support for Arabic, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese and Hindi!  Stay tuned for more updates soon!!!  And if you are keen on having the Lens site translated into your own language apart from these offered ones, please contact us.

Also this month, we have introduced a Classification Text Search. The Patent Classification System can be a confusing, inaccessible system, and we hope that providing a quick and easy text search that integrates seamlessly with our existing Patent Search will make it much more accessible.


- Greatly improved support for Spanish, French and Chinese languages
- Classification Text Search added
- Minimal "core" stylesheets allow better browsing on poor connections
- Improved Citation display in search filters
- Improved Citation Tab wording on Patent page
- Fixed broken highlighting on Document History

As always, thanks to our users for submitting feedback, notifying us of bugs, and suggesting new features.

If you need help using the site, please check our Support Center, or contact with your feedback or use our feedback form.