Release 0.9

23 April 2014 by Richard Jefferson in Release Notes

Release 0.9


Non Patent Literature (NPL) Citation Search:

As mentioned in Release 0.8.0 , we have been working with NCBI  and CrossRef   to allow navigation between patents and non patent literature (NPL)
The matching process that supports this navigation is now automated and runs against new patent data as it is added to the Lens.
In addition, we are also progressively re-running the matching process against our older patent data.   This means that  improvements in the matching algorithms are reflected across all our data not just recent additions.

We currently have 5,319,559  links to PubMed IDs (PMIDs) and 5,228,284 links to DOIs.
So far in 2014 we have added  1,649,061  new links to DOIs and  391,410 new matches to PMIDs.

Citation text search:

You can now enter any text string in Advanced Search from scholarly NPL citations to seek patent documents that have that string, e.g "Jefferson et al." will pull patent documents in which the string appears in the NPL field.    Don't forget that it depends on how the patent applicant wrote the NPL stings.  If it just has 'Nature, 2005:  etc' it won't find other strings (yet).

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Citation ID search:

You can enter a  PMID, a DOI or a PMC ID for any scholarly paper, or a string of them, and get a collection of patent documents that cite the scholarly paper(s).  This is a rich facility that will allow one to prepare a collection/list showing what patent documents have declared a piece of NPL as important / influential enough to be listed as prior art.  And it allows that collection to be shared/embedded and explored.

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This feature is a very important tool in seeking science impact metrics.   The first one we know of like this.


Following Release 0.8.1 we have added the ability to use wildcard searches for classifications.  From the Advanced Search you can search against either US or IPC classifications like "800*" (without quotes) to match any classification starting in 800, ending in anything.

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