Lens Use Cases

The Lens for Research Institutions

You want to have a big impact and a serious footprint in society. To do that, you need funding for the social problem you are researching and you need a great team of students and researchers to help out. To achieve your goals, you also need to prove to your potential or current funders and any potential team candidates that you can deliver the goods.

The Lens for Prospective Students

Want to find a University, a Department, an Advisor, or a Mentor that is influential in a field in which you want to work? Never before has it been possible to hone your interests in innovation to particular specialties, but now, you can use the powerful Patent Classification text search in the Lens and discover what papers, what researchers and what Universities or institutions are creating work that is influential in your field of interest. Perhaps an ideal training ground to build the linkages necessary for your future?

The Lens for Patent Offices

The 21st Century Patent Office needs to be much more than a mill for grinding out rights that fall to the courts to validate. Instead, it can be, and should be an enabler of innovation, of building bridges between ideas and outcomes, of stimulating investments and the resilience of the problem solving ecosystem.

The Lens for Publishers

Are your journals, books or proceedings influential? Who is reading them in business, and why? Sure you may know that authors and researchers cite your publications. But is this true for the community of innovative businesses that turn scholarship into products and practices? Who *should* be reading your publications but isn’t? Are there neglected areas where new publishing imprints or modes can impact?

The Lens for Policy Makers

Policy has a limited set of levers to stimulate the economy and encourage beneficial social outcomes. To wield them wisely requires evidence-based insight into the networks of actors and influence. When these networks are clear, the points of weakness and strength emerge. The public increasingly wants value for its tax dollars.

The Lens for Researchers

Scholarly publications in science and technology are only a piece of a puzzle. There are millions of research outcomes in the patent literature that could inform your work, compete with your work, improve it or block it from seeing the light of day. Shouldn’t you know what’s out there? There is an increasing amount of STEM and biomedical research done by the private sector that never appears in the conventional scholarly literature. But it is right there in the patent literature.

The Lens for Funders

There is an expectation that funds invested in public research should be justified, and in many cases, should influence or impact society. Funders -public and philanthropic -are expected to be mission compliant. Is this happening? Of course we have tools to measure whether the funded work is read by other credible scholars, but that’s a far cry from impact in the real world. Are the best investments being made?