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The Climate Crisis Is Real.

We need diverse, effective solutions, fast.

Academia, Enterprise, Government and Civil Society will need to cooperate to create these solutions. That requires the best open and shareable information possible for evidence-based problem solving. We seek investors and partners who respect the mission and the transparency mandates of the Lens to help enable these solutions.

Frog in a pot

Working with the Lens

There are many modes of participation that we can discuss on a case-by-case basis that can both create value for a partner and support the Lens.

  1. Social Impact & Equity Investors

    Lens.org is a public benefit project of Cambia, an Australian not-for-profit. We are open to other participants in Lens.org who see that our social mission to enable a step change in the demographics, pace, quality and scope of problem solving can also become sustainable and self-supporting.

  2. High Performance API

    Help defray costs associated with higher performance API use-cases such as higher request limits, aggregations, analytics, metrics, real-time integration, etc.

  3. Contribute Financially

    Contribute financially to ongoing and future Lens operations. Besides our many philanthropic funders, we have had no-strings contributions from companies and individuals who see value in Lens’ success, per se.

  4. Sponsor New Lens Functionality

    Request and financially sponsor new Lens functionality. Primed by a $300k contract from the USPTO, the Lens primed its work extracting, identifying and linking non-patent literature from the global patent corpus.

  5. Enhanced Profiles

    Increase the visibility and context of your capabilities on the Lens, allowing others to discover your value proposition as a meaningful partner.

  1. Support New Open Data

    Assist Lens.org to acquire, parse, integrate, link and serve new open data. We love giving the best we have and the best we can. If there is a data set you can help us harmonize and serve, we’d love to hear from you.

  2. Integrate Lens Data

    Integrate Lens data into your organisation’s web applications or internal processes. This could include scholarly or patent Bulk or API-accessed data, and can include the rich, curated PatSeq dataset of DNA, protein and RNA sequences derived from patents.

  3. White Label Platforms

    Wrap and brand Lens functionality within your domain. For instance, the ever-creative Chilean Patent Office, INAPI, explored with us how they could empower more Chilean innovative partnerships with academic institutions and businesses, by creating an INAPI Lens portal. Imagine this for any national enterprise whose mission must encourage real problem solving. Or any University who wants to give all their students, staff and academics the opportunity to use a branded, shared, open and privacy-assured facility to discover, annotate, share and understand the world of research and innovation

  4. Enhance Our Codebase

    Cooperate in our engineering and data science efforts, and enhance the open source software used by the Lens, see our for developers page for examples.

Lens Sponsor Example

Several Lens sponsors, in the academic or the industrial world, have invested non-monetary and monetary resources to help create new features and applications in the Lens, increase transparency metrics to reduce risks, and boost confidence in business.

Today innovation is increasingly driven by collaboration and integration. ...If we do not evolve IP use and step away from the exclusion, eventually the entire IP system may lose its societal trust and be done.
Michael Kock,
Head of Intellectual Property, Syngenta
January 17, 2013

In 2014, Syngenta Corporation - then one of the largest companies in the agriculture sector - invested $400k USD to enable the Lens bioinformatics team to update and upgrade the open source PatSeq platform, with no ownership.

Why did they do this? Because they needed transparency to reduce their avoidable risk and increased confidence from various data sources to conduct the business of making new products without infringing other’s rights. Their mandate was an improved data quality and efficient reliable and comprehensive service so that many others in the industry will be able to use as well. They enriched this public platform to compete with and complement the closed single-source commercial provider, and by doing so, they expanded the industry’s options to search, analyse, and validate information about patented biological sequences.

You now have an opportunity to do the same

If your mission is congruent with the Lens' goals and mission, and you welcome terms of engagement that are fully transparent and unredacted, let’s have a discussion. The resulting data and functionality from any joint work will be open access and any code, open source. Become a Lens Partner now, see other use-case examples or contact us directly for further information.