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Lens Tools

The Lens provides a variety of tools for you to integrate our core experience into your website. The Lens enables you to make your website more dynamic and integrated with our search platform. You can use our website Plugins to enhance your site, in most cases it's a simple copy and paste of a HTML snippet into your site.

Integrated Search Plugin

Easily embed The Lens' search into your site, in a light or dark theme.

Note: you may be required to change the width="100%" to fit into your site. For example if you want the plugin to be 250px wide, you can change it to width="250px"

Embed Graphical Analysis

The Lens provides the ability to embed any graph or analysis chart into your own website

On any expanded analysis graph, you can find an embed button (embedIcon) on the top right. This embed button allows users to copy a HTML snippet and integrate the graph their viewing into their own website. The embed also allows the user to change titles of the graph, as well as customising the width and height of the graph to fit into their website.

» View an example here